Thursday, March 15, 2012

My newest book entitled, A Season of Vengeance:  It's Payback Time, is now available in both print and Kindle formats on and  Check it out.  The sequel to the book will hopefully be ready for the market in early Fall.  Although the book is fiction, two true stories provided me the inspiration to write this book.  You must check out Chapter 1.  The events in this first chapter really happened although I used elements of fiction to flesh out the story.

My children's book entitled, In My Grandmother's House:  Rats, Bats, Ghosts, and Marbles, will be coming out the end of March.  This book will resonate with anyone who has lost their home due to a fire, enjoy the paranormal, and experienced surviving bizarre childhood adventures.


  1. My chidren's book is now published. Check it out on

  2. I am working on my next book and this novel is taking me awhile to pull together. As writers will share with you, our characters often take us writers in a different direction than what we planned to go. But that is the process which makes writing fiction so exciting!

  3. This has been a busy month. My children's book, In My Grandmother's House: Rats, Bats, Ghosts and Marbles was published. Now I am working on a novel about two young girls who were kidnapped from a small town in Georgia, never to be found. Until 50 years later, the women appear--one of them has not aged in all those years. Stay tuned for this next novel.

  4. So many stories swirling through my mind this week. I see this abandoned turn of the century house and think about the lives that once occupied that home.

  5. Time goes by so fast. I love meeting new people and the lives they lead. I always tell people I know and meet that sometimes the little phrase or simplest gesture gives me such amazing fodder for story lines to use when I create my stories or characters. Writing is such an enjoyable form of expression!

  6. The stories are building and I have so little time lately to write what is churning inside me. I need to lock myself away this weekend and write, write, write.

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  8. The months have passed so quickly. My middle grade book, In My Grandmother's House: Rats, Bats, Ghosts, and Marbles is published. I am now working on another murder mystery which has many twists and turns which will keep readers wondering what happens next. And I am behind schedule on the sequel to A Season of Vengeance. My two books are available in Kindle format for your reading pleasure. Let me know what you think about the stories.

  9. Time certainly flies by whether you are having fun it not. The last few weeks have been busy with wirj and life in general. This past weekend I decided to take two of my dogs for a walk in the woods. This was our first time to explore that area and after an hour of walking I was lost. My mind began to conjure up all sorts of scenarios.

  10. Wow! It's almost Christmas and I am wondering where the time went this year. I continue to run behind schedule in getting the next story done. Last night I attended a Christmas party and the women in the group were divided between those who read e-books and those who like to hold a book in their hands and turn the pages. I sat down last week with an old family journal written by one of my husband's ancestors. I read entries dated in the early 1800s. As I sat there and eyed the writing, the writing style, the notations made on the page, I felt drawn to the person who penned the words. I doubt I would feel the same connection with an electronic version. There was something special about running my hands over the page and envisioning the moment this young mother poured out her heart about having the few cents sacrifice to buy something special for her daughter's birthday--a few pieces of ribbon. In some areas the ink was smeared--were those smudgy areas caused by tears? Okay, an e-book version is less expensive, takes up a fraction of the space of a book or books. Will we someday wonder where all the history went if the world suddenly goes dark?

  11. As we travel along this journey we call life, we face many trials and triumphs. Sometimes we find ourselves facing obstacles which cause us great pain and agony. Other times we find ourselves celebrating the incredible blessings bestowed upon us. In both of those situations, hopefully we emerge stronger as individuals and more sensitive to the plight of those around us. My writings attempt to relay these times we find ourselves deep in the valley or high on the mountaintop. Good overcoming evil. Hope triumphing over fear. My next manuscript is about such times. Stay tuned.

  12. This week I finished a 2 hour self defense class and realized that writing is a lot like the moves we learned to defend ourselves against dangers and hurdles. How to write the best query, how to make our antagonist and protagonist real enough to thrust our readers head on into our book, and how to use descriptive words as our weapons to break down barriers.. Fictional writing for me often imitates the things people say, the behaviors they emulate, and the imbalance between the spoken words they spew and the actions they project.